The NLFF is proud of the two teams that make up the South Side Division Of The League Football or SSDOTLF. These two teams, the Jackets and the Cheetahs, are filled with highly competitive players who know what it takes to win. The Cheetahs are led by quarterback Donald O’Reilly, an Irish recruit who threw for over 400 yards last year and hit 35 touchdowns, 10 of which went to Denio Johnson, the 6’10” wide receiver out of Alabama.

Beyond O’Reilly and Johnson, the team is focused on a run-and-gun offense which spreads the ball to the tight end (Thaddeus McKay), and even running back Lukas Peterson, who led the league in running back receiving yards (248) last season. Their offensive line isn’t filled with bruisers, but solid pass pocket creators that work hard to keep their quarterback safe.

Last season was a particularly successful year for the Cheetahs, who dropped only two games (one to the Jackets) on route to an appearance in the championship game.

The only downside of the team is their average defense which typically allowed an average of 20 points last season. The high-octane and fast-paced offense made up for it by scoring a league leading 32 points per game.

Their league opponent, the Jackets, are a more running based team, with quarterback Prince Thompson being a 265 pound behemoth who moves like a young Michael Vick or Robert Griffin III before the injuries. He and running back Clark DeVincent ate up the league for a combined 2,423 yards on the ground last year, claiming 25 touchdowns in the process.

The Jackets third running option, full back Heath Smith, might not get as many yards as his counterparts (a solid 587 last year), but he is a monster blocker who helps create one of the most devastating offensive lines in the league.

The Jackets also have a powerhouse defensive line that sacked O’Reilly six times and kept him to only 50 receiving yards in the 32-8 blowout last year, which was the Cheetah’s worst loss of the season. However, the Cheetahs revenged them later in the season with a 44-14 massacre, where they played a no-huddle offense strictly out of shotgun and O’Reilly had the game of his career with 257 receiving yards and four passing touchdowns.

The NLFF is looking forward to seeing these great teams playing again this season. We are proud of all of our teams and are always excited to see them compete.