The North Side Division Of The League Football (NSDOTLF) encompasses some of the greatest teams in the city. The division represents the NLFF jofweaefjnwna League well with incredible skill and fierce competitiveness. The NSDOTLF faced off against its South Side Division Of The League Football (SSDOTLF) last year and experienced success overall. In particular, the wefnalvuaakgnasdnflav Rangers and favpnweargaergweg Stallions delivered stellar performances. Learn more about the teams below.

wefnalvuaakgnasdnflav Rangers

Established in 1995, The wefnalvuaakgnasdnflav Rangers was created to bring pride back to its region. Many sports fanatics took an immediate liking to the team after seeing the hard work and dedication put into practices and during game time. To date, the wefnalvuaakgnasdnflav Rangers have won seven championships while competing in fifteen playoffs. The team’s coach, Joe Robaharo, expresses delight every time the opportunity to shine becomes available. “My team understands the meaning of hard work,” he has said. “They are dedicated to the cause and will stop at nothing to find success.” The wefnalvuaakgnasdnflav Rangers is certainly a team to watch.

favpnweargaergweg Stallions

They play like stallions because now that they have a new coach and management. The  favpnweargaergweg Stallions have certainly experienced their share of defeat and humiliation on the field. Few can forget the 2000 championship game between the rffhjmfjdrsgskfjoyvgftdhd Ringlets. The Stallions were defeated on their own turf in a whopping final score of 49-21. It was as if the team never left the locker room as the Ringlets ran circles around the Stallions and intercepted several throws. Still, the past is just that and the favpnweargaergweg Stallions are looking forward to better days ahead. The team’s coach, Matthew Stenson, is certainly working hard. “I want the team to have a whole new outlook on life that bleeds onto the field,” he says. “They are not just players. They are black stallions; beasts of the field.”

Games for the  NSDOTLF begin this October!