Qigerpnowaerng Cheetahs

The Qigerpnowaerng Cheetahs have had a quite good career going for themselves. Established in 2002, they had a bit of a rough career early on, suffering an unfortunate series of losses early on. Fans and players alike were working hard to continue fighting and supporting to keep the team on track, and little by little, the team started to make some momentum into the big leagues of sorts. The players got better, the coaches got better, and fans in turn provided more and more support.

Over time, the Cheetahs were finally able to come into their own. This was due to a combination of not only getting the players and other people involved in the team a lot more training and experience, but also getting a lot of great talent in all areas of the team. The team was now composed of many a great athlete and coaches, whether they grew from where they were initially or they were brought in to help elevate the team to newer and newer heights.

With this revised and improved team, they began to win more games than they used to, and even in the games that they lost, they lost them by much smaller margins – very often by the tiniest of margins. The team still has quite a long way to go, mind you – no team is ever going to be at its best and is always going to have some room to grow (as much as they may not want to admit it) – but it is quite amazing the difference between the Cheetahs of the present and the Qigerpnowaerng Cheetahs of the past.

It certainly cannot be denied that there were a lot of hurdles that they had to face along the way even when things were looking at their best, but at the same time, that merely speaks to the growing quality of the league rather than any short fallings of the team at this point. Ultimately, the Qigerpnowaerng Cheetahs were able to pull off a lot – start out at the bottom and end up near the top.