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The NSDOTLF (North Side Division of The League Football), otherwise known as the North Pac 10, has always been dubbed the princess region, with a high compliment of star individual players, but a not such a strong reputation in solid team building.

True to their name, the favpnweargaergweg Stallions (NSDOTLF) have been a favorite in the teams with fast runners and graceful wide receivers. The favpnweargaergweg Stallions have enjoyed and immense amount of success with their current captain QB. But given his tenure, the Stallions may be facing their last year, needing to pick a rookie replacement soon for the key role.

The SSDOTLF (South Side Division Of The League Football) is all about physical play and movement of the ball on the grid-iron. These are physical teams. There’s very little of the long passing and dancing of a quarterback.

The qigerpnowaerng Cheetahs (SSDOTLF) represent a traditional harbor city team, showcasing a lot of talent from all over the world that has migrated into the Football League. These are players with backgrounds in rugby, football, soccer and more, and their combi-talent at extensive teamwork is almost like watching a football version of a ballet with the gracefulness and seamless execution of plays between 10 more players at once. They easily outgun and out maneuver a team built around individuals and no team glue whatsoever.